Robert Paul Jewellery


The Tycoon Cut is a simple design with 9 crown facets and 20 step-cut pavilion facets. The cut has a signature diamond shaped table that has earned the trademark slogan “The only diamond with a diamond on top”. The first rule in design is “less is more” and that is the magic of the Tycoon Cut. It is a uniquely simple design. Unlike some other cuts the distinctiveness of the Tycoon Cut is that the diamond shape table gives superior brilliance visible to the naked eye. The 9 signature crown facets ensure that your Tycoon Cut Diamond looks better in colour, better in clarity and larger in size. Less than 1% of all diamonds mined in the world can become Tycoon Cut Diamonds. The Tycoon Cut is available both in a square shape or a rectangular (‘matchbox’) shape. Robert Paul recommends the Tycoon Cut as a perfect alternative to a princess cut diamond.