Robert Paul Jewellery


Robert Paul has been manufacturing, designing and creating unique handmade jewellery in Newcastle since 1980. Robert Paul moved to Newcastle after completing his apprenticeship in Sydney. Robert Paul is one of the leading manufacturing jewellers in Newcastle.


Jewellery design is a passion for Robert Paul and this is reflected in all his work.Robert appreciates different eras of design from Victorian to Art Nouveau to Art Deco through to Modern/Contemporary design.


Robert Paul also specialises in Mokume Gane, a Japanese technique in which a combination of different coloured metals are layered and then manipulated, forming a variety of multi-coloured patterns. This technique produces unusual and impressive handmade jewellery.


Apart from Mokume Gane, Robert Paul offers a variety of precious metals in his work including Platinum, Palladium, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, Green Gold and Peach Gold. In addition are some more unusual metals such as Titanium, Marbled Gold, Striped Gold and Niobium. Titanium and Niobium are two types of metals that can be oxidized to an array of different colours ranging from bright blues and greens to bright pinks and purples to bright yellows.


As Newcastle’s only De Beers Award Winning Jeweller, Robert Paul is dedicated to innovative and contemporary Jewellery designs. The De Beers Awards were a way for the Australian Jewellery Industry to push forward in the frontier of design.



At Robert Paul Jewellery we take pride in specialising in:


Manufacturing unique jewellery designs
Quality handmade jewellery
Friendly and knowledgeable staff
New & innovative cuts in Diamonds & coloured stones
Extensive range of coloured stones



Eightstar Diamonds
Tycoon Diamonds
Context Diamonds
Spirit Diamonds
Asteios Diamonds

Mokume Gane
Engagement rings
Wedding rings
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