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I engaged Robert Paul to design and craft a stone from my wife’s engagement into a new ring with an additional stone purchased from Robert Paul. This was a gift to my wife for our 10 year wedding anniversary.

Robert consulted with us over a few meetings and numerous sketches until we were happy with his design. This process was engaging as we shared ideas and revised different designs to accommodate the two stones. Once the design was selected Robert went away for about 2 weeks and presented us with the lovely ring which was exactly what we had envisioned. The design was centred around presenting the stones in the best possible light, whilst being minimalistic in design and setting. We are extremely satisfied with the result and the experience of the creation process actually adds another dimension to the quality of the ring.

I would not hesitate in recommending Robert Paul in creating a piece that is truly yours, Daniel.


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Robert Paul Jewellery has been making my jewellery since 2004. A very original ring with the context-cut diamond was intriguing enough for me to commission a ring for myself. There, I discovered that not only can I own eye-catching and stunning jewellery, but that it will be beautifully crafted. As they specialise in a variety of jewellery-making techniques and supply diamonds which are unavailable elsewhere in Australia, I own jewellery which is unique. I receive a lot of nice comments about it, from both ladies and men.
Working with Robert Paul Jewellery is a pleasure as they always listen to my needs and meet every challenge. I highly recommend Robert Paul Jewellery.

“H”, Brisbane, August 2014

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“My mum, sister and I each had bespoke rings created as a memorial piece following the passing of our sister/daughter. Each ring uses the metal and gems to showcase a personal memory. Robert and his team spent the necessary time to work with us to design these unique and treasured pieces – Robert’s ability to transform memories into stunning jewellery is extraordinary. We could not have asked for more and cannot thank the team enough.”

Clare, Sydney August 2014

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Rob has been part of our life for over 20 years.

We discovered Rob when he was tucked away in a low traffic alley way in Newcastle and were immediately impressed by his attention to detail and willingness to achieve outcomes that were very individualised and personalised. Patiently working through the details and artistically drawing concept designs, often for weeks on end, that result in individual and original masterpieces.

Rob has this wonderful creative flair that produces outrageous yet stunning pieces that, 20 years on, still grab the attention of admirers.As a result of the work that Rob initially created for us, many of our family members have had jewellery designed and manufactured by Rob in subsequent years.Rob is our jeweller. We are delighted to have found Rob and to have received such value and had wonderful jewellery made specifically for us over many years.

Nathan, Newcastle, August 2014


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It is said…”A Master learns the rules; then breaks them”.   This personifies Robert Paul.

From classic elegance to contemporary flare, from simple to extravagant, the quality finish of his product is unsurpassed!  Its standard is consistently impeccable, immaculate and world class; recognised and awarded nationally.

Robert’s theoretical and practical knowledge base is vast and his inspirations drawn from realms far and beyond.  Whether you’re a novice and needing absolute guidance with style and design, gemstones and their cut and colour, or consider yourself somewhat of a connoisseur; his concept drawings are amazingly intricate and brings ideas to life!   Rob’s ability to ‘hear’ and translate what the client desires during consultation and transform this concept into something tangible, is an essential quality required for a beautiful outcome.   A timeless and treasured piece, as individual and unique as the person it adorns.

For over a decade now, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of knowing Robert and being complimented on the beautiful jewellery that he has created for me.  Initially it was his competitive pricing that won me over.  But very soon thereafter I came to realise that not only is Robert a Master among jewellers, but an absolute gem among men!  The cornerstone of any good relationship is Trust – a priceless quality that cannot be bought.   And Rob has never failed to deliver on any aspect!  The fact that he’s passionate about what he does, and that he’s an all-round nice guy to deal with, is an incredible bonus!!

Of course I would be dreadfully remiss not to mention his wonderful wing-women: Yvette and Kristie!!  The 3 of them make the whole experience fun, friendly and fulfilling!  Not once have I ever walked out of their door feeling anything less than enlightened and elated.  To this day, I choose and trust no-one else!

Vanessa, Newcastle, September 2014


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My wife chose Robert Paul to design her engagement ring and our wedding rings, based on Robert’s reputation for innovative, unique and personal designs. It turns out that that decision has cost quite a bit, as I’ve been back every year to Robert for a custom made, individual anniversary gift for my dear wife. With Robert’s professional acumen and expertise in design balanced by his enthusiasm and his guidance, each and every piece has been an absolute crystallisation of what I had in my minds eye, making each project a deeply personal gift.

Last year I wanted to build a dress ring inspired by mid 20th century American cars, in particular, the retro space age looking headlamps and indication lamps that they are famous for. When I communicated this intent to Robert, my already well established impression of his passion for design and for taking on challenging and meaningful projects was dramatically reinforced.  The process of designing this beautiful piece involved sitting with Robert, and working out what the concept should look and feel like, along with how my complex and demanding ideas could be achieved in reality. The product of this process is a beautiful and unique dress ring that makes my wife extremely happy.

For me, the best part of the process is that I feel like we work together, and that I am part of a team crafting a personal and unique gift to show my wife that I know her and love her. For my wife though, I suspect that the beautiful jewellery is what is best about my annual visits to Robert Paul.

Ryan, Waratah, September 2014


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Robert Paul Jewellery has been our number one choice for meaningful jewellery for 3 decades now. We value the attention to detail and the one to one customer care. Robert listens carefully and creates something unique and exquisite every time.

Our family are all fortunate enough to have original Robert Paul pieces and know quality jewellery doesn’t just happen. They know Robert sinks his heart and soul into each and every hand crafted piece and therefore the pieces are forever. Beautiful originals that never date but remain special year after year.

It intrigues me how often people ask about the rings I wear. Both Robert Paul original and both unique. Robert listened to what I liked and created each so different but truly me. Whether I am at the supermarket or at a Gala Ball….people notice Robert Paul.

I love that my children are now wearing Robert Paul Jewellery. They have gifts from when they were babies that are handmade originals and now when making their own choices for engagement rings and gifts, they too choose Robert Paul. That tells the complete story.

Rohan, September 2014


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‘At last my lovely ring is on my finger. The yellow reflections sparkle onto my finger and flash as light hits the citrine. Robert was very patient as we spent quite a bit of time planning after I had researched at least 20,000 rings on line. He is very knowledgeable about precious stones, metals and design and what will work and what won’t. I really love my unique citrine and diamond ring so thank you Robert!’

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I wanted to say thank you so much for helping me make yesterday so special for Tegan and I. We had a magical day and when I presented the ring to Tegan, she absolutely loved it. The answer was yes and we are both excited to begin this new journey together.

Your level of service and patience meant so much to me. You put together exactly what I had pictured in my mind and I can not thank you enough.

I would be more then happy to recommend you to anyone who is after that special piece of jewellery. Tegan and I will both be returning to the business for our wedding bands when the special time comes.

Thanks again

Grant, October 2016